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Fresno April 2013

Thank's Kim for putting this together and allowing me to make some changes to it.

The team consisted of the Usual Suspects: Rally, Savvy, Toby and Rodeo. We also
had singles of Velvet, in her race debut, Breeze and Lily and we had pairs
rounding out the field with Breeze and Skippy, on Saturday only. There were six
team members present for the whole weekend: David, Margie, Debbie, Sara,
Cynthia, and Kim meaning that when the whole team of 4 dogs ran, Cynthia was the
box loader and Kim the ball shagger. We were always busy!

The team raced 3 of 3 double round robin, which meant that we raced against each
of the teams in our division two time and each race we ran 3 heats, with 4 other
teams in our division that meant that we came out 8 times running 3 heats each
for a total of 24 heats. The dogs and handlers loved it! The singles and pairs
races each raced 2 races with 4 heats per race for a total of 8 heats.

Rodeo ran almost perfect each day, he had one heat on Saturday that he ran
around and on Sunday he had a meltdown for one race but he was fun to watch when
he would bobble his ball how he made sure to run back to the lane so he could
run over the jumps the way he was suppose to. Guess that yelling `OVER! OVER!
OVER' really works!
David's and Rally has some awesome starts with a 0.001, 0.003 and a 0.004 as
their best starts for the weekend and Rally ran he heart out, no matter how
tired he got during the day once we lined up he was ready to go.

Toby seemed to love the 3 of 3 racing because he never seemed to get bored or
tired, every time we came out he was ready to go.

Savvy did her usual steady good runs all weekend.
On Saturday, the team had only 2 overall no finishes with clean runs all the
other times.

Lily's first attempt of running was a little off the mark, deciding that treats
were more important than getting a little neon ball in a big black and green
box. Mommy was not happy but sometimes we know this happens. On the second
singles race, Lily ran a little harder and although she didn't have clean runs,
she still made the ball her priority during the 2nd runs.

Breeze ran 7 clean singles runs with her fastest time of 5.9 on Sunday and she
ran pairs with. Skippy came through on two of the four races and is getting used
to the fast paced and dog barking filled environment.

In a rare seeding, two Usual Suspects ran side by side in a singles race (can
you say TWO box loaders?). Breeze bobbled the ball and it went into Lily's lane
but waited for Lily to get her ball before she went into her lane. Talk about
effective training! David was so proud of her!

The results Saturday were that the team was tied for 3rd place in Division 5.
Breeze and Skippy managed to squeak out a 3rd place win and was awarded a pair
of Usual Suspects green tugs with a bully stick inside. Yeah doggies!

Sunday was equally fun! The same team ran and Breeze ran singles with Skippy
taking over the leash for the tired yet happy Lily. Velvet, sporting a new
"Miami style" poodle hair cut, made an impressive UFLI debut as she was the only
Standard Poodle competing during the entire weekend. People were impressed by
her speed and focus and we all know that Velvet has HUGE potential. In fact, it
was discovered that the flyball record for a standard poodle is a mere 4.9
seconds and Velvet wasn't too far off the mark. Stay tuned for updates from
this up and coming speedster.

Both Breeze and Skippy ran clean races in the singles competition, a feat that
made their human pals very proud.

The team ran several of their five races as clean runs; a goal set by
Coach Dave and followed through by all the mongrels on the team.
The end of the day was celebrated by going to a great Chinese food restaurant
near by and toasting the success of yet another successful Usual Suspects race

Yeah us!


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