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Ramona May 24, 25 & 26, 2013


We want to thank everyone who helped us this weekend and especially the following people, Peter and Debbie for getting all the food together and hauling it down to Ramona, not to mention all the hard work Peter put in cooking for 2 days straight.

Nancy and Jeff for all their hard work helping with the food prep and serving as well as being there for the racing putting the box in warming up the dogs and doing whatever we need them to do.

Marilyn and Melissa for spending countless hours in the kitchen with Peter making sure everything turned out perfectly.

The Chris’s (Andrew and Rose’s sisters) for Ball Shagging and assisting in the kitchen.

Karen on Sunday for bringing Roberta down, and scaring the “you know what” out of her, as well as helping with pass calling and in the kitchen.

And everyone else who went over to help Peter out, it could not have been done without everyone pitching in.


Going into this tournament we knew that we would be very busy, not only did we have our team racing we also had 9 dogs running singles and Peter and his crew we planning both breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Luckily, since it was going to be a large tournament X request any singles dogs that could run Friday evening instead of Saturday and Saturday evening instead of Sunday we were able to spread a number of our singles races out over the 4 days.

We started arriving around 10am with Peter and Debbie who had a lot to do in order to get ready for the “Feeding of the Masses” and they selected an ideal camp location for our team to hang out at over the weekend. At about 5:30pm they started racing singles.

Velvet started us off in race #5 against 2 Fast 4 Paws Smokie, Velvet ran perfectly with a very fast time of 5.427

Then came Breeze running 5.469 vs. Maya, who cut her pervious fastest time in half by running 6.795

Followed by Skippy running an incredible 6.239


We had a very early 6:30am check in time with racing starting at 7:30am and X was determined to start on time. Our team line-up consisted of Rally holding down the start duties followed by Savvy, Rodeo and then Fia to pull out those wins during tight races. We also had Skippy, Velvet, Breeze, Mali, Maya, Lily, Fia and Penny each running singles (this is combined Saturday and Sunday races)

X announced that they would be holding a contest for the team that had the least false starts for the weekend, for every completed race, which included either 4 or 5 heats depending on the division the team was in, if you did not have any false starts you got 1 point. The winning team would get a free entry for a team in the next X tournament and a case of beer.

As the morning drew on and X had not put out any coffee the tension in the air became think, about 7:30 the coffee was ready and moods started to lighten and with racing starting on time we were looking forward to a busy but fun day of racing.  Andrew and Rose came with their sisters (one each) the Chris’s? and we immediately put them to work ball shagging, they were so cute standing side by side waiting for every ball that came their way, we ended up with more balls then we started with. You could tell that Andrew and Rose were excited for Penny’s debut, but t hat would have to wait as Penny was not up until Race 71.

Every dog and handler on the team ran great, almost without error and we were running consistently around 21.000 seconds all day long. For our last run of the day we substituted Skippy for Rodeo as our height dog and his debut on the team he ran perfectly, finally we have 2 solid height dogs.

The singles also did great with a number of the dogs that ran Friday running again Saturday (Skippy, Velvet, Breeze and Maya)

Then we had Mali who was doing some awesome box turns and turning in a fastest time of 5.196 and then there was Fia with a 4.403.

Penny debuted in style with 5.139 but .361 of this was Andrews reaction time and Lily who after a ruff 1st time out put in her debut time of 9.553.

Saturday evening we called Dominos and have them bring over 3 pizzas, everyone seemed to really like the anchovy pizza, sorry Kim.


Another early start time but we would only have the Team along with Bandito and Mali running singles.

For the team we again had Rally, Savvy, Rodeo and Fia and out last race of the day we had Skippy take over the height dog duties for Rodeo but in our 3rd race of the day Velvet joined the team and ran 2 perfect heats in the 4thposition but after a cross over when Velvet decided she wanted to chase a cute little Jack Russell down the other lane Savvy came in to finish up that race for her.

Bandito came out with all the intensity that we know she has and put in a blistering 4.425 with a .235 reaction time and Mali continued her weekend with a 6.262 time.

Throughout both days with David and Ed sharing the start duties The Usual Suspects was the only team had 0 false starts, yes we were perfect for both days and in the 2nd race on Sunday David and Rally had a PERFECT 0.000 start so we won the free team entry and the case of beer which we are saving for our next team party.


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 Nancy warming up Fia


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