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Fast Times at the ROCC
Ramona, CA
March 19, 20 & 21 2010

With 91 Races to run on Saturday LSFO decided to run some of the singles races on Friday, Rally was one of the dog and he ran well, in the mid 4's for both of his races.

6:30 am came very early Saturday and with plans of Koa being the 1st race of the day everyone's nerves and excitement was high. The singles on Saturday did not fair as well as we had hoped but the dogs still did very well.

Rodeo ran down all for jumps and got his ball, no matter where it went, and brought it back to Debbie for his tug every time.  Only one problem, he didn't want to go over the jumps on his way back.

Koa also had some trouble Saturday however, on his 2nd race of the day after crossing over twice he focused in on Lisa and had 3 good runs, 1 of them was good with no human or dog errors.

Because he ran his singles on Friday, Rally joined forces with Charm to make up Charm and Company in pairs on Saturday and they did very well with a best time of 11.455

We fielded one team, The Usual Suspects Aiding and Abetting consisted of Savvy, Tango, Cash, Torry and Sydney.  They ran great all day and had it not been for the fact that they were a pick up team we would have taken 2nd place easily.

Sunday brought another early morning start and all the dogs did well again, Koa ran flawlessly with a best time of 4.266, Rally was prancing around in the back field but did all of his runs well, Rodeo showed off his skills again in how well he can go over the jump and get his ball, we just need to get him to understand that he has to come back over his jumps.  The team of Savvy, Tango, Cash and Torry with back up help from Roxie did well.

All in all it was a very long tournament starting with check in at 6:30am each morning and not finishing until well after it was dark in the evening.  However, it was a GREAT time for The Usual Suspects, the dogs did well and the handlers learned a lot of what we need to come back to work on.

A very special thanks to everyone on the team who pitched in and help make the tournament run so well. Kalin who earned her 1st certificate for ball shagging, pass calling, box loading and box judging we love having you be part of our team and can't wait for you to start racing a dog of your own. Peter for helping Kalin ball shag and for making sure the jump heights were set properly for each race, Nancy, Debbie, Lisa, Jeff, Mike and Marjie for doing all the jobs that make racing much easier.

A final thank you to everyone on the team for presenting Marjie and me with that beautiful clock, we will treasure it always.


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