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Dogtoberfest 2013
Ramona, CA
October 5 & 6, 2012

We're #1

Yes, it is right, on Saturday our team ran its heart and we came in 2nd place in our division. This was very exciting because it was the best we had ever done.

Then cam Sunday, we started out winning 4 our of 1st 5 heats and we were feeling very good about the day. We decided not to watch the placement until later in the day, we knew we were doing well after we completed out 3rd race of the day and when we checked the stats we saw that we had won 12 of out 15 heats so far and the only other team in contention for 1st place was Surf City who had also won 12 of its 15 heats.

Going into our final race of the day we were scheduled to race Surf City who were were tied with for 1st place, We took the 1st heat and were feeling very good. Surf City then won the 2nd and 3rd heats, we had to win the final 2 heats to take 1st place.

In the 4th heat we barely beat them out by 2, 100th of a second and it came down to the final heat of the day when we ran a clean heat and looked over to see that Surf City had a flag.

We had done it, we took 1st place by 1 heat














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 Nancy warming up Fia


This is NOT steeling


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