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Dogtoberfest 2012
Ramona, CA
October 6 & 7, 2012

What a awesome tournament, Fast Fourward and Catchers went above and beyond to put this tournament together, they have food out for everyone from 1st thing in the morning throughout the entire day both Saturday and Sunday. there were 2 raffles one on each day along with T-Shirts, a great welcome basket with all kinds of stuff for everyone.

They ran 2 lanes and even though there was very little room around and behind the lanes everything ran fairly smoothly, Saturday with 125 races we still were done at a reasonable time and Sunday with 99 races we were pulling out to drive home by about 6pm.

Before I get into the how the dogs run I want to thank everyone for being on time in the morning and sticking around until the bitter end on Sunday, it really felt like we were a team standing together during awards on Sunday, this is the 1st time we have all done this and it was great.

Thanks to Melissa for helping out and taking stats all weekend, your help is really appreciated more than you will ever know. Jeff for running Savvy, Nancy for doing the box loading, Peter for being there as the ball shaggier all weekend even when we all knew you could barley stand up, there you were shagging balls, Karen and Cynthia for all your help calling passes and noting the results. A big thanks to everyone for helping to make The Usual Suspects a competitive fun team without controversy.

Our racing wrap sheet:
Friday we started with Pre-Flight and Breeze ran perfectly, she was not extremely fast but she did 8 clean runs in her 2 times up. Lily started off good with 3 of 4 clean runs in her 1st time out but then decided she didn't need to do more and after 1 clean run she was done.

Saturday we had a lot going on, we had the team which included Fia, Rally, Savvy, Toby and Rodeo. We also had Fia, Mali and Skippy running singles and Maya running Pre-Flight.
They started with the team runs and we came out very strong winning 4 of the 5 heats with a NEW TEAM RECORD OF 19.998, Yes we did break 20 and we did it in the 4th heat of the 1st race on Saturday.
Fia also ran singles with her fasted time of the weekend being 4.139. Skippy ran well and her fastest time of the weekend was 6.573. Mali who was running against a ghost dog ran some clean runs and had a fastest time of6.484. Nancy and Jeff were working out running Maya in Pre-Flight, we do not have times for Pre-Flight but she had a number of clean runs and is coming along nicely.

Saturday awards: Toby earned his Top Flight Pin by getting 235 points for the day.

Sunday we ran the same team and we had Breeze and Mali running singles. Breeze started it off a bit slow but through the weekend she picked up a little confidence and speed and ran a blistering 7.457 as her fastest time. Next up was Mali who had a little problem running around the jumps on her way back but she looked good running and we are confident this is a minor issue we will be able to fix easily.
The team ran nicely all day Sunday and we were very consistent running between 20 and 21 seconds.

Sunday awards: Rodeo earned his Top Flight Level One with 185 points to bring his total to 560 points and Rally earned his Top Flight Executive with 315 points to bring him to a total of 2685 points.

To recap the weekend was truly the best we have been to and we are now a real team and are looking forward to many more weekends like this one.

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