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The Usual Suspects Flyball Team
Announces New Practice Location

Flyball.  It's a dog sport that requires speed, leaping over jumps, grabbing a ball from a spring-loaded box, and racing back to cross a line.  Then the next team dog goes.  Then the next, then the next.  All while trying for the fastest cumulative time.

The Usual Suspects, the LA/South Bay area's only flyball team, is pleased to announce their new practice time and location.

Time: Saturday's 10:00 am until 12:00 noon

Location: Recreation Park
               339 Sheldon Street
               El Segundo, CA

The sport of flyball is a native Southern California canine sport whose humble beginnings began as a recreational sport to exercise their dogs and have a good time.  It has grown to an international sport with many teams located across the country and the world.  Goldwine, a professional dog trainer, began training his dogs for flyball five years ago and was completely taken by the sport.  "Flyball gives them a "job" because dogs, by nature, want to always please their owners by accomplishing a challenge.  Their reward after successfully completing a component of training, even the simple steps of jumping over a jump, is usually getting to use their rope tug, or a small treat, or even another ball.  It's pretty basic and a lot of fun, too."  He continued, "Flyball is open to any and all breeds of dogs: pure breds, mutts, rescue dogs, big dogs, small dogs, any dogs!  We currently have everything from a 65 lb. mutt to a Yorkie, all getting trained to do the same thing. Every owner and every dog trains at their own pace, and there's never pressure on any owner or their dog on the Usual Suspects team. We're also open to having new teammates and encourage anyone with an interest in the sport to join us for a practice."

El Segundo Park

The Usual Suspects also practice Wednesday evenings at 6:00 at the Arthur Johnson Park (formerly South Park) in Gardena and are hoping to find a regular safe practice location to also practice on Sunday mornings.  Team Captain David Goldwine stated "Ideally, we are looking for a flat, grassy area, away from cars and traffic, for our 3-4 hour practice on Sunday mornings starting at 9am.  An industrial park would be great, as would a park that welcomes off leash dog activity.  While the dogs are crated when they are not practicing, they they need to be off leash while doing box work or runs."

For more information regarding The Usual Suspects contact David Goldwine via email at

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