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U-Fli 3162 TFE-II
NAFA 070676 FDCH-S
AKA Savvy the Wonder Dog

DOB:October 31,2005                                                                                                                                  
Flyball Status: Active

Breed: Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd Mix
Flyball Debut:    December 1, 2007 Singles in Ramona
                          March 15,2008 Team in Ramona 

Bio: On June 5, 2006 Marjie and I attended a Pet Adoption Fair in Westchester Park, there were about 30 different rescue originations with all types of dogs and cats looking for homes. When we came to the German Shepherd Rescue we told them we were looking for a young female, they had one such dog. The only problem was that she had not yet arrived at the fair. Even though we had to be at a pet store to work a shot clinic we had a feeling and decided to wait around, well as luck would have it the van that was driving in with the dogs had a flat tire and was stuck on the 405 freeway. After about a 2 hour wait the dog they named Bailey had arrived and it did not take long for us to fall in love with her, after the 1st day at home with use we knew her name had to be changed and we picked Savvy because of how smart she is.

One day at the dog park, shortly after we got Savvy, we noticed that she was out running all the other dogs in the dog park, including 2 whippets. We went home later that day and I started looking around for something we could do with Savvy where she could use her speed, drive for a ball and intelligence. After a while online I took a break and turned on Animal Planed on TV and wouldn't you know it they were showing a episode that featured flyball, I immediately went back online and started searching and found Woof Gang Flyball Club in Garden Grove.

Savvy June 5, 2006 (Adoption Day)

Savvy Debut
Click picture to view Savvy's Flyball Debut

photo:  Michael P. Richardson                                          photo:  Michael P. Richardson                                          

What a perfect pass !

Savvy also competes in Disc Dog Competitions
Savvy Toss and Fetch
View Savvy competing in Toss and Fetch
in Torrance in 2008



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