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U-Fli 5497
NAFA 100170
AKA: Wild West Rodeo Flyer

Date of Birth: November 8,2004                                                                                                                                              
Flyball Status:
Breed: Border Terrier
Flyball Debut: March 5, 2011 Team in Ramona

2011 Fastest Border Terrier in U-Fly with a time of 6.086


               We met Sue Friley when we first started vending with our Nikken Alternative Health Magnets. Sue was also a Nikken Wellness Consultant so we had a lot in common. At that time we had two dogs a Cairn Terrier and a mix breed we found in the street. Sue would bring in these small funny faced little terriers and over the years they started looking kind of cute.

            About a year after our Cairn went to the Rainbow Bridge we decided to get a friend for our mix Ginger. She was getting on in years and we did not want a puppy. Another vendor had offered us a Corgie which we were to pick up at Mission Circuit dog show. As we arrived on Saturday Sue parked next to us and we were busy telling her about this new dog we were going to get and she said she had a Border terrier puppy she would love to place with us. We said bring him tomorrow and we will take a look. Well the Corgie never showed and Rodeo did and it took only one look and he was ours. It is funny how fate works. It was meant to be that we have Rodeo and not a Corgie.

            Sue had said he was the first out and kind of got stuck so she thought he would not be show quality. Well let me tell you he is Best in Show everyday at our house. He is so loving, sweet, sensitive and full of energy, a very special boy. I tell everyone he is part Hawaiian; he is licky licky boy, kisses all around for everyone.  Rodeo and Ginger would play and play, it was so much fun to watch. Rodeo would run around the house and Ginger would stand and bark. She could not move as fast a Rodeo. Ginger has since gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

            About three years ago we saw a banner on the dog park fence in Redondo Beach about Flyball Classes. I thought that would be great for Rodeo. I called and inquired about what it took to do flyball and was told the dog needed a good recall. Well that let Rodeo out so I asked about a good dog trainer and was told about a class starting in about two weeks. I signed up and met Dave and Marjie, who was also the person behind the flyball banner. Rodeo went to obedience training a couple of time and his recall got better. Than we started a little flyball training in the back yard with Dave and Marjie’s help. This has all progressed to The Usual Suspects Flyball Club and all the wonderful friends we have made and all the fun we have at tournaments. I am so glad Dave put that banner on the fence.

            Rodeo ran in his first singles tournament at Ramona in March of 2010 and did really well. He did not qualify for anything since he ran around the jumps after getting the ball from the box. But he came right back to me to get his tug and everyone thought he was so cute. He is a little clown. Since his first race Rodeo has improved and now has his NAFA FDX (Flyball Dog Excellent) and his U-Fli Top Flight pin.

            Rodeo was the height dog for The Usual Suspects Flyball team till June of 2016 when he was diagnoses with Prostrate Ca. He is now on the Rainbow Bridge running flyball with the Champs.

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