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U-Fli 3902
NAFA 090168
AKA Run Away Rebel

Date of Birth: March 17, 2007                                                                                                                                   Flyball Status: Active
Breed: Flat Coated Retriever and Border Collie Mix
Flyball Debut:     November 15, 2008 Singles in Ramona
                            March 20, 2010 Team in Ramona

Bio: After losing Dodger, the last of the original 5, on Friday July 20, 2007 I went to a flyball demo with Savvy and when I got home I found Marjie fast at work searching the internet and all she said was that it was too lonely with only one dog and we had to rescue another dog. So we started the search and later that day I got an email from Colleen with a link to a scraggly looking black dog and a note saying that this seemed to be a good candidate, I went in to show Marjie when she brought up a page with a dog she had found online, it was the same scraggly looking dog.

On Sunday the21st we went into Manhattan Beach to see the dog they called Wrigley and the 1st thing he did was to attack me when I tried to take away a toy, then again when I tried to take some food away.  We left without this dog and went to another rescue to look at some other dog but found nothing. On the way back we found ourselves talking about Wrigley and half way home we decided to call the rescue back and see if we could adopt him.

We knew we had to change his name but could not come up with something we felt was suitable, we even did a name the dog contest with the flyball club and still had nothing until Marjie came up with Rally and it just seemed to fit.


Rally, at the shelter and then finally at home on day 1 of our adoption

Click to see Rally practicing his box turn, getting ready to debut in singles
Rally vs Cash 2008
Click image to see Rally in the far lane making his flyball debut in singles vs. Cash


photo:  Michael P. Richardson                                          photo:  Michael P. Richardson                                          

photo:  Michael P. Richardson                                                  


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