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Lily came to us in a round about way but we feel very fortunate to have her. Her name is from the Lilliputians in Gulliver’s Travels, because she has such short little legs. Lily had a nice life with two guys when unwillingly they had to move and turned her into the local shelter. This nice lady from Bark Avenue rescued her. She put Lily’s picture on the internet and my cousin Sandy decided she wanted a dog and wanted Lily. So we went and got her. She seemed to get along good with Rodeo and Misty so Sandy took her. Well to make a long story short Sandy felt she could not take care of Lily and was going to take her back to the rescue and Peter and I said NO. We than had three dogs.

            Lily is the most wonderful, loving little girl. She fit right in with the family and I would never give her away. She does get a little Alfa but Rodeo seems to put her in her place. They bark at each other like an old married couple. Lily and Misty lay on the dog bed and groom each other like sister do. It is a wonderful pack

Being a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix she is very smart and very stubborn.  Her main fault is she likes to play the run away game as long as you chase her, especially down the street.  We are working on that with doggie training and using a long leash during flyball practice.  Lily is still a young dog, only 4, and we forget thinking she is older.  It must be those Chihuahua big ears and buggy little eyes. Would not change a thing about her we love her just the way God made her.

            Lily started flyball training and has progressed rather nicely. She loves to run over the jumps if nothing distracts her like something on the ground or another dog in the area.  Rodeo has some special soft tennis balls and Lily likes them also. Since we changed to the bigger soft ball and not using the small ball, Lily is now getting the ball out of the box and bringing it almost all the way to me.  I now get her excited during practice and she is a changed dog. I get her revved up and tell her she is awesome and she goes after that ball. We are still working for food but that is OK as long as she gets the ball and goes over the jumps. Lily will make a good little height dog for the team.  

Mayhbe once we have mastered flyball we will do some Disc Dog since she likes to jump and run


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